2011 Report


The following bills were passed by the General Assembly during 2011 and enacted into law, either with the Governor’s signature or through Legislative override of his veto. These laws may be of interest to your profession, business or clients you serve .

Appraisal Management

SB1539 /PA 97-0602
Creates the Appraisal Management Company Registration Act, but exempts certain engineering and IDOT activities.

Capitol Development Board

HB2167/PA 97-0064
Capitol Development Board operations budget.

SB1352/PA 97-0182
Makes changes to the multi-bid requirements imposed upon CDB projects, allowing for some single prime work


HB3458/PA 97-0349
Provides Design/Build authority for all park districts.


HB0166/PA 97-0241
Creates the University Green Jobs and Technology Act. Focusing on clean or sustainable energy.

HB1487 /PA 97-0265
Creates the Renewable Energy Production District Act establishing certain powers and purposes.

HB1558/PA 97-0266
Creates the Lake Michigan Offshore Wind Energy Advisory Council Act.

SB1533/PA 97-0096
Amends the IL Power Agency Act for a clean coal Brownfield facility.


HB1297/PA 97-0095
Makes numerous changes to the IEPA permitting process.

HB1326/PA 97-0314
Makes changes regarding recycling of construction debris and encourages the use thereof by IDOT.

HB3371/PA 97-0137
For clean construction demolition debris, authorizes licensed Professional Geologists, as well as licensed Professional Engineers, to certify whether soil is uncontaminated.

HB3414 /PA 97-0573
Creates the Illinois Main Street Act to create a program within the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to provide assistance to Main Street Communities and provide financial assistance to municipalities to assist in initial downtown revitalization program start-up costs.   Amends the Green Governments Illinois Act to provide that the Governor (instead of the Lieutenant Governor) is the chair of the Green Governments Coordinating Council. Provides that the Lieutenant Governor is a member of the Green Governments Coordinating Council. Requires the annual submission of an environmental sustainability plan by each State agency. Requires the Governor’s office (rather than the Lieutenant Governor’s office) to provide the Council with administrative and technological support.

HB3620/PA 97-0510
Authorizes coal combustion waste to qualify as coal combustion by-product if, when used as structural fill, either the ASTM E2277-03 or Illinois Department of Transportation specifications are met.

SB0100/PA 97-0220
Makes numerous law changes: Amends the Industrial Hygienists Licensure Act requiring that the Examining Board shall meet at the call of the Director of the Environmental Protection Agency. Requires the Community Water Supply Testing Council to meet at the call of the Chairperson of the Council or the Director of IEPA.   Authorizes the Pollution Control Board (rather than IEPA) to make certain decisions concerning the operation of landscape waste composting facilities on farms.   No person shall use any site subject to an environmental covenant created under the Uniform Environmental Covenants Act in a manner that is inconsistent with the activity and use limitations imposed under the environmental covenant. Creates 2 new criminal offenses: criminal damage to a public water supply and aggravated criminal damage to a public water supply.   Removes provisions requiring State agencies to report environmental problems and remediation efforts to IEPA. Repeals a provision requiring IEPA to publish a toxic chemical report containing information on toxic chemical discharges.

SB1357/PA 97-0519
Amends the Environmental Protection Act regarding Compliance Commitment Agreements.

SB1821 /PA 97-0534
Creates the Carbon Dioxide Transportation and Sequestration Act.

SB1929/PA 97-0230
Makes numerous changes to requirements for general construction or demolition debris for landfills.

SB2193/PA 97-0391
Creates the Environmental Justice Act and Commission.


HB1256/PA 97-0288
Amends the Department of Transportation Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois to create the Diversity in Engineering Scholarship Program.

HB1889/PA 97-0252
Requires IDOT, counties, and municipalities to configure any electronic toll collection system on county and municipal toll bridges, and municipal ferries and any highways constructed or maintained by the Department to be compatible with the electronic toll collection system used by the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority.

SB1856 /PA 97-0279
Imposes new requirements and public hearings on IDOT for publicly protected corridors.

SB1923/PA 97-0228
Makes numerous changes to IDOT’s Target Market program.


HB1458/PA 97-0491
Amends the Illinois Power Agency Act. To change the definition of “renewable energy resources” to include anaerobic digestion.

HB2987/PA 97-0199
Expands the use of Project Labor Agreements on state projects and establishes goals for minority and women apprenticeships.

Land Surveying

SB2236/PA 97-0543
Makes changes in the provision concerning qualifications for examinations for Land Surveyor-in-Training.   Restores the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation as the entity to approve curriculum from an accredited institution for a baccalaureate degree in a related science that includes at least 24 semester hours of land surveying courses.

Minority, Female and Small Business Contracting

SB0269 /PA 97-0590
Creates the State Comptroller Minority Contractor Opportunity Initiative to provide greater opportunities for minority-owned businesses, female-owned businesses, businesses owned by persons with disabilities, and small businesses with 20 or fewer employees in this State to participate in the State procurement process.

Public Private Partnerships

HB1091/PA 97-0502
Authorizes Public-Private Partnership contracting for IDOT and IL Tollway. Includes QBS and Design/Build procedures.

Public Transportation

HB2874/PA 97-0271
Provides that the Regional Transportation Authority must develop and make available for use by riders age 65 and over a universal fare instrument that may be used interchangeably on all public transportation funded by the Regional Transportation Authority.

HB3597/PA 97-0085
Requires development of a regional fare system on RTA in Chicago area.


HB1761/ 97-0032
Provides that IDOT’s multi-year master plan shall include a comprehensive and multimodal freight mobility plan and established new reporting period.


SB1379 / PA 97-0043
Provides that the rules of the Illinois Department of Public Health concerning the addition of fluoride to public water supplies shall incorporate the recommendations on optimal fluoridation for community water levels as proposed and adopted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Water Reclamation Districts

HB1563 /PA 97-0298
Amends the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Act to provide that a district may order the party responsible for the discharge of sewage, industrial wastes, or other wastes into the district’s sewerage system to pay a civil penalty in an amount that is not less than $1,000 (now, $100) nor more than $2,000 per day for each day of discharge in violation of the Act.