2009 Report


The following bills were passed by the General Assembly during 2009 and enacted into law, either with the Governor’s signature or through Legislative override of his veto. These laws may be of interest to your profession, business or clients you serve.


HB 312/ PA 96-35:  Appropriates funds to various agencies for fiscal year 2010.

HB 1206/ PA 96-46:  Appropriates funds to various agencies for fiscal year 2010.

HB 2206/ PA 96-46:  Appropriations for various agencies.

SB 366/ PA 96-8:  Budget Implementation Act for FY 2009; provides for certain federal stimulus money; requires green technology in RTA vehicles; amends IDOT’s diversity goals and changes the selection committee; requires disparity study.

SB 1216/ PA 96-42:  Appropriates funds to various state agencies for fiscal year 2010.

SB 1433/ PA 96-44:  Fund sweeps bill to help general revenue fund.

SB 1912/ PA 96-45:  Emergency Budget Implementation Act for FY 2010. Also increases taxes for partnerships and limited liability companies.

Building Codes

SB 138/ PA 96-704:  Amends the Capital Development Board Act and the Public Building Commission Act specifying certain requirements that must be met before commercial building occupation and imposing certain reporting requirements.

SB 1722/ PA 96-342:  Amends the Elevator Safety and Regulation Act to exempt certain special purpose personnel elevators.

Capital Program

HB 210/ PA 96-4:  Supplemental appropriations for fiscal year 2009.

HB 255/ PA 96-34:  Capital revenue bill, including video gaming, road fund diversions, taxes on candy and liquor, other fees and fines, and Lottery management.

HB 289/ PA 96-5:  Increases General Obligation bonds for transportation.

HB 312/ PA 96-35:  Capital appropriations bill.

HB 313/ not final:  Appropriations for Capital Development Board.

HB 2400/ PA 96-36:  Bond authorization for capital program.

HB 2424/ PA 96-37:  Budget Implementation Act for capital program.

SB 349/ PA 96-38:  Authorizes, regulates and taxes video gaming and increases certain taxes and fees.

SB 1221/ PA 96-39:  Appropriations for the capital program.

SB 1609/ PA 96-18:  Increases general obligation bonding authority by $2 billion.


HB 61/ PA 96-352:  Authorizes Public Building Commissions to hire design/build experts without regard to civil service requirements.

HB 2409/ PA 96-49:  Amends the North Shore Sanitary District Act to authorize use of design/build contracts and to allow for emergency procurement without bids.

HB 372/ PA 96-21: Amends the Design/Build Act to extend the sunset from 2009 to 2014; and requires that DBE program applies to design and construction elements of the project.

HB 3986/ PA 96-777:  Amends the Chicago Park District Act to authorize design/build, following the model statute for CDB.

Economic Development

HB 1089/ PA 96-196:  Amends the Quad Cities Regional Economic Development Authority Act to increase bond authority from $100 million to $250 million.

SB 1784/ PA 96-636:  Creates the Upper Mississippi River International Port District granting it certain powers.

SB 2016/ PA 96-7:  Creates the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Act.


HB 338/ PA 96-140:  Amends the Renewable Fuels Program Development Act to allow grants for plants producing 5 million gallons of fuel as opposed to 30 million.

HB 680/ PA 96-173:  Amends the Renewable Fuels Program Development Act to allow grants up to $4 million if using certain technologies.

HB 789/ PA 96-449:  Amends the Public Utilities Act affecting qualified solid waste to energy facilities that sell electricity, extending the sunset provisions to 2013 and making various other changes.

HB 4245/ PA 96-323:  Amends the Alternative Fuels Act to create the Renewable Fuels Commission.

SB 1570/ PA 96-725:  Amends various Acts to create the School Wind and Solar Generation Program for school districts and community colleges.

SB 1906/ PA 96-103:  Amends the Finance Authority Act to provide bonds for clean coal projects and renewable energy projects.

SB 1923/ PA 96-28:  Amends the Enterprise Zone Act to facilitate wind power projects.

SB 2009/ PA 96-16:  Amends the Public University Energy Conservation Act to facilitate an energy project at Eastern IL University.

SB 2150/ PA 96-159:  Creates the IL Power Agency Renewable Energy Resources Fund for use by the IL Power Agency.


HB 266/ PA 96-235:  Amends the Environmental Protection Act to further regulate the disposition of construction debris and the use of wood for energy purposes.

HB 460/ PA 96-503: Amends the Environmental Protection Act to allow grants and bonds to be used for wastewater facilities in un-incorporated areas.

HB 629/ PA 96-245: Amends the Environmental Protection Act to change the fees for NPDES construction site storm water permit fees, and exempts sites less than 5 acres.

HB 1013/ PA 96-73:  Creates the Green Building Act requiring LEED in state funded buildings and renovations.

HB 1042/ PA 96-74:  Amends the Green Governments IL Act requiring Council involvement is selecting grant awards for federal Energy Independence Security Act.

HB 2491/ PA 96-774:  Amends the Drycleaner Environmental Trust Fund making numerous changes.

HB 3828/ PA 96-471:  Amends the IL Lakes Management Program Act to create the Task Force on the Conservation and Quality of the Great Lakes for the protection of water quality.

HB 3854/ PA 96-754:  Creates the Carbon Capture and Sequestration Legislation Commission Act requiring a report by the end of 2010.

HB 3859/ PA 96-308:  Amends the Environmental Protection Act establishing fast track rule making for the Clean Air Act.

HB 3987/ Pa 96-778:  Amends the Energy Efficient Commercial Building Act to restrict local governments from deviating from the requirements of the Act, with certain exceptions.

HB 4021/ PA 96-603:  Amends the Environmental Protection Act imposing certain requirements on owners of community water systems.

SB 99/ PA 96-418:  Amends the Environmental Protection Act to make various changes to composting requirements.

SB 125/ PA 96-611:  Amend the Environmental Protection Act to exempt certain facilities accepting only construction debris from regulation as a pollution control facility.

SB 1489/ PA 96-26:  Creates the Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act requiring IEPA to study and report on storm water issues.

SB 1919/ PA 96-221:  Creates the Safe Pharmaceutical Disposal Act.

SB 2034/ PA 96-489:  Amends the Environmental Protection Act affecting the classification of waste verses non-waste for regulatory purposes.

SB 2145/ PA 96-537:  Abolishes the Response Action Contractors Indemnification Act and transfers the funds to the Brownfield’s Redevelopment Fund.

SB 2184/ PA 96-222:  Amends the Water Use Act affecting high capacity wells.


HB 2651/ PA 96-575:  Amends the Criminal Code to provide that a public contractor commits public contractor misconduct if they are knowingly compensated for something they did not deliver to the state or local government.

SB 54/ PA 96-555:  Amends numerous Acts to change and enhance various ethics requirements including revolving door policies and lobbyist reporting.

SB 1602/ PA 96-543:  Creates the Gubernatorial Boards and Commissions Act imposing certain new ethics requirements.

Highway Code

HB 641/ PA 96-366:  Amends the Highway Code to lapse state money for county bridge projects if not obligated within 24 to 48 months.


HB 880/ PA 96-666:  Amends the Professional Geologist Licensing Act to allow practice by non-licensed persons while studying geology under the direct supervision of a licensed geologist.

SB 122/ PA 9-610:  Extends the sunset provisions of the Architecture and Structural Engineering Act to 2020 and makes various other changes.

SB 1384/ PA 96-626:  Amends the Professional Engineers Act and the Professional Land Surveyors Act to extend the sunset to 2020 and makes numerous other changes.

SB 1925/ PA 96-730:  Amends the Landscape Architecture Act to extend the sunset to 2020 and makes various other changes.

Local Government procurement

HB 159/ PA 96-138: Amends the Municipal Code to require bidding of public works projects in excess of $10k, instead of $500.

HB 862/ PA 96-380:  Amends the Public Community College Act to prohibit electronic submission of construction bids.

Minority contracting

SB 351/ PA 96-706:  Amends the Business Enterprises for Minorities, Females and Persons with Disabilities Act to disallow changes in proposals unless allowed by federal rules.


HB 37/ PA 96-557:  Creates the Lease of Closed State Properties Act authorizing local governments to lease and maintain state properties that are closed.

HB 4151/ PA 96-321:  Authorizes 25 year bonds instead of 20 year bonds.

Prevailing Wage

HB 163/ PA 96-437:  Strengthens reporting of prevailing wage requirements by local governments and contractors to certain providers.


HB 1107/ PA 96-252:  Amends the School Code facilitating emergency work for projects designed to protect health and environment.

HB 2530/ PA 96-102:  Amends the School Construction Law to give priority for replacement of schools damaged by mine subsidence.

State Procurement

SB 206/ P A 96-96:  Amends the Procurement Code to create a commission to consider preferences for disabled veterans in bidding.

Underground Storage Tanks

HB 75/ PA 96-161:  Extends the sunset of the motor fuel tax for funding the underground storage tank fund from 2013 to 2025.

Urban Development 

HB 264/ PA 96-234:  Creates the Illinois Urban Development Authority Act, granting certain powers and obligations, including debt, for industrial, commercial and housing projects in areas of high poverty rates.