About Us

ACEC-Illinois is the only statewide association dedicated solely to the interests of consulting engineering firms. As such, ACEC-Illinois promotes its business and professional concerns to national, state and local officials and other profession and associations through its Business, Government and Public Affairs programs.

As its objective, ACEC-Illinois strives to assist its members in achieving higher professional, business and economic standards.  By being proactive in professional matters of management and business, ACEC-Illinois helps its member to provide better consulting engineering services for their clients.  Of particular concern is:

  • protecting the public welfare;
  • safeguarding he ethics standards of the engineering profession and ensuring that ethical standards are maintained by consulting engineers in private practice;
  • promoting harmony, cooperation and mutual understanding among consulting engineers;
  • cooperating with public bodies and other organizations in maters of common interest;
  • promoting the professional and economic welfare of its members
  • acting as a clearinghouse and information center among its members, and providing cooperative services for their common purpose and benefit;
  • advising on enactment of legislation affecting the interest of consulting engineers, or that may have a relation to the general interests of ACEC-IL; and
  • supporting and assisting in the advancement of the science and practice of engineering